Spend the Afternoon in Tokyo’s Most Stylish Area: Daikanyama


Daikanyama, often compared to Brooklyn in New York, is a trendy area filled with a great choice of shops, restaurants and coffee roasters. Located between Shibuya and Ebisu, Daikanyama is the perfect place to roam around and spend the afternoon at.

Keep reading to see our recommendations on what to do in Daikanyama.

Grab a Coffee to Go!

The area is filled with a number of quaint coffee shops known for their excellent quality. Many of these places offer indoor seating, providing an ideal place to relax and enjoy your daily brew. Since the atmosphere in Daikanyama is relatively chill, being free of many tourists, we recommend grabbing a coffee to go and meandering around the shops.

One of the most popular places to go is it COFFEE, situated a one minute walk away from the station. This coffee shop has a solid choice of coffee in addition to unique teas including chocolate mint and itarian orange. Adults can even enjoy a craft beer or a coffee cocktail on a warm summer’s afternoon. If you are feeling a little peckish, there is a selection of freshly made breads, sandwiches and cakes available.

Soak Up Creativity at Lurf Museum

One of the things that makes Daikanyama such a trendy area is the unique exhibition spaces with Lurf MUSEUM being no exception. This alternative art space hosts different exhibitions every so often showcasing the works of many artists and writers. Given that this space was designed to give people the chance to soak up creativity and art, it is free to enter the exhibitions.

A Danish-inspired cafe is located on the 1st floor which serves hand-dripped coffee to you on the spot. Another great option for those wanting to sit back whilst slowly enjoying their coffee. Next to the cafe space, there is a store which sells both Lurf MUSEUM original goods as well as products designed by some of the artists featured in the exhibition space.

Enjoy Shopping at High-End Fashion & Lifestyle Boutiques

https://www.vermicular.jp/house/en/Daikanyama is filled with a variety of higher end fashion and lifestyle shops. If you are looking to fill your home with well-designed and good quality products, the shops in this area will be well suited to you. For instance, the flagship Vermicular House store is located in the area where you can buy long-lasting kitchen appliances as well as try out a cooking class.

For those shopping for clothes, there is a 2nd Street located just outside the station. For those of you unfamiliar with what 2nd Street is, it is a second hand store which stocks a mixture of clothes, shoes and accessories at a cheaper-than-retail price. Since Daikanyama is an affluent area, this specific 2nd Street is known for stocking an amazing range of good quality designer goods.


For those shopping for clothes, there is a 2nd Street located just outside the station. For those of you

As you walk through the area, you will find several other clothes boutiques and designer brand shops including a Maison Kitsune and the vintage second hand designer store, HEDY. There are even a number of pet shops where you can buy clothes and other accessories for your pampered pooch. 

Walk Around and Relax at Daikanyama T-Site

One of the best areas to visit in Daikanyama is Daikanyama T-Site, a mini complex filled with different shops, cafes and even a dog park. 

Upon entering, you will feel like a true Tokyoite as many locals come here on the weekends to pick up fresh pastries, sit under the trees and catch up, or go to one the local food shop.

Notably, at the Garden Gallery which is located at the front of T-site, they often host different pop-up events such as the ‘creators gallery’ where you can buy handmade jewellery and other products made by local artists.

Arguably, the busiest spot in the complex is a designer cafe called Ivy Place. It is not a surprise given that the location is covered by beautiful greenery as well as having a bright and airy feel to it. There are three different dining spaces to enjoy including a cafe, restaurant and a bar. Many people love heading here to catch up with friends and enjoy a sophisticated dining experience. It is highly recommended that you book to go for brunch as the Ivy Place is renowned for its delicious pancakes and other wonderful breakfast options.

Flick Through Different Books & Chill Out At Tsutaya Books

At the end of the complex, you will see a massive Tsutaya bookstore. This is by far one of the best branches in the whole city as it is not only one of the biggest but offers a diverse range of products. The store was even titled one of “The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World.”

Split into three different sections, this Tsutaya bookstore sells a range of products from books to lifestyle goods. You could easily just spend the whole afternoon flicking through all the different magazines, a section which barely makes up a quarter of the whole store. One of the nicest things about this store is that you are actually encouraged to stand and flick through the books and don’t feel rushed to have to buy one. You will see many people relaxing and sitting down, soaking up the calm atmosphere. 

A number of different small events are hosted in the space as well including many local artists’ work being displayed and available to buy. The shop also offers tax-free making it a great place to buy unique gifts for friends and family. To find out more about how tax-free works, check out this guide.

There is also a Starbucks located inside the store, you will find many students or freelancers work from here given that it feels like a slightly more lively version of a traditional library. This Starbucks does get full pretty quickly so it is probably best to wait until after lunchtime to visit and try to grab a spot. 

Grab Some Food & A Pint At The Local Brewery

After you have finished wandering around T-site, you will probably start to feel a little peckish. Luckily, there is a wide selection of restaurants in the area to choose from.

Many people that come to Daikanyama opt to go to the Spring Valley Brewery to not only enjoy a pint of local beer that is brewed on site but to eat dinner in the dining hall. At night, the outdoor section starts to light up and has such a homely feel to it, making it an ideal casual drinking spot. 

The food on offer is Western style and you can pick from light snacks or appetisers or have something more filling like a steak, pasta or pizza. Prices for food start from around ¥300 and go up to ¥9,800, if you decide to go for the T-bone steak which is recommended for 3 to 4 people to share. 

Alternatively, if you are feeling something a little different, another recommendation is to go to Para Taco, a Mexican restaurant located just one minute away from the brewery. Some of you may recognise the outside of the restaurant, this is because it was used as a date spot in an episode of Netflix’s Terrace House.

This cosy and relaxed restaurant serves a few different sets including ones which have tacos, teriyaki chicken or burritos. One of its main selling points is that it uses lots of fresh vegetables in its dishes not only making them healthy but look colourful on the plate as well. Similar to the Spring Valley Brewery, it is open until quite late meaning that you can spend a few hours there enjoying some nice drinks and a laid-back atmosphere.

After spending the day admiring the stunning architecture and visiting the many contemporary shops, there is no doubt that Daikanyama will become one of your favorite areas in Tokyo.

Key Information


  • From Shinjuku-sanchome Station, take the Fukutoshin Line heading towards Motomachi-Chukgai to Daikanyama Station
  • This trip takes around 10 minutes and costs ¥320

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