The Coolest & Most Stylish Salon in the City: Assort Tokyo 


In one of Tokyo’s most luxurious and wealthiest areas, Aoyama, you will find the trendy Assort Tokyo. This international hair salon has recently garnered attention and popularity as a result of their hair transformation videos going viral on Tiktok. With salons across the world in Osaka, New York, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Sydney, it is no wonder that Assort has gained such a strong reputation. On top of all of this, it is recognised as being the number one English-speaking salon in Tokyo, making it a go-to for many foreigners who are visiting the city.

English-speaking salons are a great choice for those who are not overly confident using Japanese given that for most people, it is important to know that you and your stylist are both on the same page and understand what is being done to your hair.

What Treatments Can I Get Done?

Assort Tokyo offers several different hair services consisting of: cuts, styling and treatments, Milbon Aujua, color and permanent wave (perms). The cheapest service is a ‘simple eyebrow cut’ costing ¥1,650 and the most expensive service is a ‘triple process colour (2 bleach + toner). For all the services, apart from the regular hair cuts, you will also be asked to select a shampoo and blow dry which costs an additional ¥4,950. All in all, the prices are quite reasonable and comparable to the prices you are expected to pay in other Tokyo salons.

The salon also offers nail appointments which start from ¥7,000 for straight forward gels. Surprisingly, you can also book in for a kimono and yukata dressing service as well, this does not include a hair updo and you need to bring in your own kimono or yukata to the salon.

How To Book

Bookings can be made on the official website or by calling the salon. The former is the best option for those who are not confident in speaking Japanese, as you are able to read and fill out all the required information in English.

When you go to book, you will be asked to state whether you are a ‘First Time Client’ or ‘Repeat’ customer. For those of you visiting the salon for the first time, you can receive a special 10% discount, so make sure to select this coupon beforehand.

After you have chosen your hair services, you will be asked to choose a stylist. The language level of each stylist and their speciality is made clear in their online profile, making it easy to pick a stylist which will suit you and your hair needs. Most of these stylists have their own Instagram page which they use as an online portfolio, so it is recommended to check these out first to see their style and past work.

It is worth mentioning that several of these stylists are in high demand and get booked up relatively fast. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be able to book a last minute appointment with your desired stylist. That’s why it is recommended that you book a month or so in advance to avoid disappointment. Appointments start from 9:00 AM with the last one being at 19:30 PM.

You do not pay on the reservation page but instead in the salon after your appointment. The booking includes a free consultation which is useful for those who want advice on treatments such as colour and perms. One of the things which makes Assort Tokyo such a trustworthy and great salon is that they are transparent about whether they would recommend a certain treatment. They have true expertise, seen in one of their Instagram reels you can see the stylist advises his client against getting a perm since she has previously dyed her hair. This all highlights just how much they care about the customer and their experience.

The Salon Experience

The salon space itself has a minimalistic and cool feel to it. As soon as you enter the building you are greeted by one of the lovely staff members at the front desk. After you have given them notice of your appointment, you will be asked to fill in a form filled with questions about your hair history. This helps the stylists and the salon ensure that they give your hair the best treatment and understand its current condition. Whilst you are filling this form in, you can relax either at the counter or sit in the waiting area and watch whatever sitcom is on the big projector.

At your allocated time, your stylist will come over and seat you in one of the extremely comfortable sofa-style chairs. You will be handed a menu as well in which you can order a free coffee, tea or juice. As part of this service, you will also receive a few small treats including a biscuit and candies. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even charge your phone here, watch something on the iPad provided or enjoy the free WiFi.

As mentioned, your stylist will then proceed to go through the consultation process. This is the best time to ask questions regarding the treatment or the condition of your hair. If for some reason you are unable to get the treatment you desire because of the condition of your hair or due to another factor, the stylists will then suggest a few other alternatives. Take as much time as you need in order to understand the process and how long the treatment will take.

Once everything has been finalised, you will be taken to a separate area of the salon to get your hair shampooed. This area is super quiet and feels tranquil, meaning that you can just sit back and enjoy the thorough but delicate hair wash that the stylist provides.

Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist questions regarding hair care or maintenance as they are more than happy to help and even suggest the best products to use. The salon does sell some of its own specialist products such as Olapex and other treatments. If you are interested in any of these just let the stylist know and they will add it onto your final bill.

When your treatment is over, you just need to head back to the main desk and pay. Payment can be made by either cash or card. Once this has all been done, your stylist and receptionist will give you a warm goodbye and thank you for coming to Assort. A nice final touch to a lovely salon experience.

Will you be trying out Tokyo’s best English-speaking salon anytime soon?


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