10 Great Gifts To Buy From MEGA Don Quijote!


For those visiting Japan for the first time, one place which you will definitely want to pop into is Don Quijote. This chain discount store is not only known for stocking a large range of products including cosmetics, household goods, technology, toys and much more, but also for offering an one-of-a-kind experience.

In the heart of Shibuya, you will find the great MEGA Don Qujiote. What makes a MEGA Don Qujiote different from the others scattered around Tokyo is that it has more floors and therefore more products, making it the ultimate shopping haven. Amazingly, Don Quijote stores are open for 24 hours making it perfect for those who have left souvenir shopping until the last day.

Shopping in Don Quijote can be pretty overwhelming at times, with the catchy theme song being blasted through the speakers repeatedly, a constant flow of people coming in and seven different floors to explore. That’s why in this article we are going to run through ten great, and rather unique, gifts that you can pick up!

① Japanese Sweets & Treats

From the iconic Pocky sticks to chewy fruit gummies, Don Quijote offers one of the biggest selections of contemporary and traditional Japanese sweets.

You may already know that KitKats are one of the most popular sweets in Japan and have cultural significance, simply because they are known for being a symbol of “good luck”. That’s why it is no surprise that the MEGA Don Qujiote has a whole area dedicated to just KitKats.

Here you can find all the KitKat flavours that you could ever think of. Given that so many of these flavours are pretty niche, your friends and family back home are likely not to have tried them, making them a great gift.

We recommend picking up a packet of the matcha and strawberry ones as they offer two completely different taste sensations; with the matcha being bitter and the strawberry being sweeter.

There are even specially packaged KitKats like these cheesecake flavoured ones which come in a Mount Fuji shaped box.

Right next to the KitKat section, you will find shelves filled with boxes of character-themed cookies and sweets. For a Shibuya specific gift, we suggest getting the cookies with the famous Hachiko and Hello Kitty printed on them!

If you don’t have enough luggage space to carry a whole box of treats home, you can always pick out some individual sweets which cost anywhere from ¥30 to ¥150 each. This is the best option for those wanting to try different types of famous Japanese sweets. Buying sweets in bulk here works out cheaper than doing so at any of the convenience stores, so we suggest stocking up as much as you can.

② Supplements

You may be thinking, supplements as a gift? Although not the most obvious choice for a gift, Japanese branded supplements are known for being high-quality and effective. One of the most popular brands is the DHC daily vitamins which has a staggering 508 varieties to choose from. Some of the bestsellers include the DHC Vitamin C, DHC Multivitamin and DHC Collagen. 

If you are considering giving some of these supplements, we do recommend speaking to them beforehand to understand what type of supplements and ingredients they are looking for.

③ Face & Eye Masks

Japan is known for having amazing and innovative beauty products. Sheet masks are among one of the most loved beauty products since they are not only packed with high-quality ingredients but are an affordable way to nourish the skin instantly. Every skincare fanatic will definitely want to try at least one type of Japanese sheet mask!

With so much variety, it can be hard to know which ones to pick. These Sanrio character sheet masks not only have an adorable design but come in fun flavours including lemon and strawberry. They could be a good choice for young teens or Hello Kitty fans.  

The NADESHIKO Keana Rice Mask is a great option for those wanting something traditional. There is a reason that these masks are a staple in Japan; the main ingredient used is rice serum and it has been proven to effectively moisturise and smoothen skin.    

Mask which claims to make your skin look like it has had eight hours of sleep in eight minutes. Skin is left feeling silky smooth and looking healthy.  Also, the illustrations on the packaging are super cute.

Another cult classic product in Japan is the Kao Steam Eye Mask which works by relaxing tired eyes and helping release tension through heat. They are a great addition to any self-care routine. We especially recommend the lavender ones which are perfect for nighttime.

④ Hair Care Products

Japanese hair care products have been trending a lot recently, especially hair masks and oils. If you scroll through TikTok a lot, you have probably come across this Fino Premium Hair Mask at least once. This cult-favourite hair mask makes hair look shiny and soft and makes an ideal gift for those who like to pamper themselves.

Japanese hair care products have been trending a lot recently, especially hair masks and oils. If you scroll through TikTok a lot, you have probably come across this Fino Premium Hair Mask at least once. This cult-favourite hair mask makes hair look shiny and soft and makes an ideal gift for those who like to pamper themselves.

Another trending brand is Momori, a haircare range which sells treatment and styling products which smell like peaches. These products help to soften and smoothen hair, and have even been quoted as being a good Japanese souvenir.

The &Honey hair oil is another fan-favourite as it does wonders to your hair; leaving it silky and smelling sweet. For only ¥1400, it both looks and feels luxurious.

⑤ Bath Salts

Recreate the atmosphere of a relaxing onsen for your friends and family by gifting them some bath salts. Using bath salts can help provide a better night’s sleep as well as improve blood circulation. They are kind of the perfect souvenir since they take up little space in your luggage and are so cheap.

Although there are many amazing brands and scents to choose from, our personal favourite is this Peko Chan one which has a milky colour and is fairly subtle in scent. However, we do suggest picking up a few different ones.

⑥ Japanese Games

Don Quijote stocks a good variety of Japanese traditional and fun board and card games. As of now, the bestselling games include Catan, a negotiation-based board game, and ‘I’ll give you the words of the proposal you just thought about’, a card game where you have to create the most memorable proposal. Although these games are pretty straightforward, they are written and played in Japanese so are probably better suited to those who understand the language.

Instead of board games, you could always opt for a packet of nanoblocks, a type of construction toy. There are Pokemon, Hello Kitty, and Japan themed ones, making them a great collectable item for someone.

In my eyes, the best game to gift someone is this Calbee Jagarico themed pop-up game, where you have to pull out each stick and make sure that they don’t come flying out. A perfect party game!

⑦ Character Goods

Don Qujiote is a character goods haven. You will find whole sections dedicated to characters like Hello Kitty, Pokemon and the Mario Brothers, each stocked with tons of merchandise. Plushies are among one of the most popular items and you can find plenty of them here. 

For a gift that is quintessentially Japanese, we suggest picking up a Shiba Inu keychain. It will not only remind you of Hachiko and your time in Shibuya but it is an adorable accessory which you can carry around with you.

⑧ Branded & Designer Items

If you are willing to spend a bit more money on gifts, you could consider buying something designer. Don Quijote stocks a large range of new and second hand designer goods. If you look in the glass cabinets, you can see bags and accessories from big name brands such as Louis Vuttion, Gucci and Prada. There are some good discounts here, with some of the items being half the retail price. Rest ensure that all products are authentic and genuine.

Don Qujiote also stocks other brands such as Tommy Hilifiger, Adidas and Calvin Klein. Although the majority of these branded items are either T-Shirts or socks, you are still paying much less than you would in the retail store.

⑨ Phone Cases

Tired of the plain colour phone cases? Well, at MEGA Don Quijote you can find something slightly snazzier. Stocking a large variety of character and patterned phone cases for different iPhone and Samsung models, it is likely that you will find one which suits your style.

If none of the designs are to your liking, why not create your own? Simply grab a clear iPhone case and then head to the display shelf located near the escalators. 

Here, you will see a vast range of sticker designs featuring popular characters such as Hello Kitty, Snoopy, and Miffy. Each pack includes a few stickers which you can use to arrange and customise your own phone case. By choosing this option, you will be able to include a mix of your favourite characters and have your own personalised phone case.

⑩ Kitchen Goods

Japanese cooking knives have a reputation for being some of the best quality and are used by pro chefs around the world. As a result of this, they can get quite expensive. Don Quijote has a solid selection of cooking knives, all ranging in size and prices. Given that these types of knives are considered an investment piece, they would make a great gift for those passionate about cooking.

Other kitchen goods on sale, such as pans and cutlery have the potential to be great gifts as well. However, for something more unique, why not opt for a My Melody waffle maker or my personal favourite, your own sushi train. Of course, such items would take up a good bit of luggage space but they are a fun and practical gift which families and children will likely love!

An Extra Suggestion!

When walking around any Don Quijote, you are likely to become familiar with the official mascots, Donpen and Donko, as images of them are plastered around the store. Over the years, the blue and pink penguins have kind of become cultural icons in Japan, so much so that now you can get merchandise with their faces on.

From plushies, to headbands, to even Donpen sliders, there is a solid range of original goods to choose from. Although those living outside of Japan may not be too familiar with the characters, they still make a fun and novel gift to give to someone. You will actually see quite a few people in the streets of Tokyo wearing a Donpen T-shirt or styling the sliders; they have ironically become trend pieces.

What products will you be filling up your basket with?

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