5 Trendy Tokyo Stores to Buy Affordable Women’s Clothes This Summer 2023


Tokyo has a reputation for being one of the fashion capitals in the world. Just walk down any street in Harajuku or Shibuya and you will see women of all ages styling cool items and adopting different aesthetics. Although many of us love to invest in high-end and designer items, you can find just as good quality and trendy items at a fraction of the price at high street fashion brands.


Keep reading to see our picks for the five best trendy Tokyo women’s fashion stores where you should be buying from this summer!

① Uniqlo

Uniqlo is one of Japan’s most loved fashion brands. It is not surprising given that it stocks basic casual wear that is good quality as well as fashionable, all for a fairly low price. These days the brand constantly goes viral on Tiktok, with the crossbody bag being the latest sensation. If this isn’t enough to convince you how current and popular Uniqlo is, the brand is also known for its innovative collections including the HeatTeach and AIRism range, both designed to help your body adjust to different temperatures.

Collaborations with famous artists and characters such as Snoopy, Hello Kitty and Doraemon, is something else which the brand is renowned for. You can get your hands on these official and exclusive designs on a t-shirt for just ¥1,500. To add to this, many of the branches offer cool services such as a custom print service, where you can design your own t-shirt or tote bag.

In terms of Uniqlo’s summer collection, for women the most popular items are the basic short-sleeve T-Shirts which come in an array of bright colours in addition to the simple but stylish maxi and mini dresses which are great for everyday wear.

The best thing about Uniqlo is that all their designs are wardrobe staples meaning that they remain in style and can be worn year after year. All their clothing is comfortable and flattering on different body types.

② GU

GU is another fashion favorite, especially among young modern women. It also stocks the latest fashion trends as well as a wide selection of basics and business wear. Prices start from around ¥500 and don’t go much past a couple thousand yen.

Just like its sister brand Uniqlo, GU offers a good range of sizes meaning that you are likely to find something which compliments your body type. It also has a great selection of jeans which come in different sizes, styles and colours.

GU also sells affordable and easy-to-wear jewellery as well as shoes and nightwear. It really is an all-round shop where you pick up all your fashion essentials.

In terms of designs, the clothes at GU aren’t really statement pieces but instead simple items which can be matched with a lot of different things. For example, some of their most popular items include shirts, blouses and skirts. It is a great place to pick up basic ribbed tops and cardigans for the summer season as they are cheap and come in an array of nice colours.


WEGO is one of the most versatile and affordable high street brands. With many branches just in Tokyo, it is no wonder that it is a go-to for many young people. The brand never fails to stock the latest fashion trends but also has a constant and solid selection of basics. It is ideal for those who want to recreate Japanese style-street and love a more cool and edgy style.

You will find that most items here cost as little as ¥500 but are still of a reasonable quality and last a few seasons in your wardrobe. WEGO often does collaborations with different celebrities and brands meaning that you can also get your hands on exclusive designs here as well. Notably, WEGO also has other brands under it including PUNYUS and EXIEEE.

WEGO doesn’t just sell clothes but a wide variety of shoes, accessories and lifestyle goods such as home decorations and phone cases. Notably, in some of the branches such as the one in Shimokitazawa, you can even buy unique vintage and used items for a fair price.

WEGO doesn’t just sell clothes but a wide variety of shoes, accessories and lifestyle goods such as home decorations and phone cases. Notably, in some of the branches such as the one in Shimokitazawa, you can even buy unique vintage and used items for a fair price.

We would recommend visiting the branch located at the end of Takeshita Street since it is the biggest and most spacious out of the ones in Tokyo.

④ 2nd Street

If you are someone who loves a bargain and to thrift, then 2nd Street is the perfect store for you. At this secondhand store, you can sell and buy clothes at a lower than retail price. There is an endless stock of general clothes, shoes, and accessories for you to rummage through and find your next wardrobe staple. 

2nd Street is mainly known for stocking streetwear brands but you can also find second hand and vintage designer items here. From Yohji Yamamoto to Vivienne Westwood, you are guaranteed to find something of premium quality which you can keep for a long time. 

Buying second hand is not only better for your wallet but for the environment as well and with over 700 different 2nd Street shops across Japan, you can basically just buy your whole wardrobe from here.

⑤ Brandy Melville

Over the years Brandy Melville has become a ‘must-wear’ brand for young women. The first Brandy Melville shop in Japan, located in the Jingumae area, only opened its door this summer. Since its opening, the shop has constantly been busy and full of women picking up their favorite Brandy pieces, proving just how loved the brand is here.

Brandy Melville is most known for its cute designs and good quality, with many of the pieces being timeless and easy to wear across all seasons. The style and aesthetic of the brand is feminine, cool and laid-back, making it go-to for those looking for trendy casualwear.

The brand’s bestsellers include sweatpants, sweatshorts, sweatshirts and tank tops; all come in a range of colours including black, white, grey and blue. The summer dresses and graphic T-shirts are also among some of the brand’s most popular items and are definitely worth checking out.

Though Brandy Melville is also infamous for only stocking one size, which actually is already quite a common concept in Japan unlike many other countries. That said, you will find that many of the T-shirts, jumpers and sweatpants are made with quite stretchy material so they can fit different body types. Whereas the denim items and other trousers on the other hand may not fit everyone. 


You can even pick up some cheap gold and silver accessories including earrings, necklaces, rings. From simple hoops to cute heart lockets, all the jewellery is quite minimalistic and simple in style meaning that it can be worn with lots of different outfits. Notably, the brand also sells hair accessories, socks and underwear, making it a good place to pick up a whole new outfit.

Compared to the other brands mentioned, Brandy Melville is on the pricier side, partly because you are paying for brand name as well. The price can be justified given the quality and wearability of the clothes. We highly recommend visiting the new store to see what all the hype is about!

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