The World of Snoopy in Tokyo


Snoopy is undoubtedly one of Japan’s most loved and recognised cartoon characters. Him and the rest of the Peanuts gang are so popular that even just in Tokyo, you will find several Snoopy themed attractions including a museum, cafes, and shops. Here’s a rundown of the best and main attractions to visit for those of you who love the world’s most famous beagle!

① Snoopy Museum

Learn about the history of the PEANUTS comics at the Snoopy Museum located in Minami-Grandberry Park, a massive shopping mall in Machida. A few years back, the museum underwent a major makeover, doubling in size and moving from its original location in Roppongi to its new home. Now, more and more Snoopy fans can enjoy and immerse themselves in the world of the PEANUTS.

This Tokyo museum is a must-visit for superfans since it is one of two Snoopy Museums in the world, with the original one being situated in Santa Rosa, California. 

Filled with different exhibitions which include original comic strips, vintage goods and special animations. You will be able to see firsthand, through these pieces of memorabilia, the story of Snoopy and friends and how it has developed over time. 

Notably, the museum also hosts special exhibitions which change every so often, so make sure to take a look at the official website to see what exhibition is currently being held.

After you have walked through the whole exhibition, you can buy all types of Snoopy merchandise at the BROWN’S STORE. Here you will find merchandise exclusively made for the Snoopy Museum and can’t be bought anywhere else. If you are feeling creative and want to try something unique, you can also sign up for one of the museum’s workshops including making your own Snoopy plushie.

Finish off your museum trip by dining at the PEANUTS Cafe which can be found adjacent to the museum. With its fresh and airy feel, this cafe provides a relaxing space to enjoy a range of adorable Snoopy-themed dishes including a hamburger inspired by Charlie Brown. 

The offerings on the menu change to match the current special exhibitions being held. If you are feeling tired after your fun-filled day but still want to try some Snoopy themed food, don’t worry! There is also an option to takeout and enjoy your food at your own comfort. 

② PEANUTS Cafe, Nakameguro

Along the Meguro river, you will find the lovely PEANUTS Cafe. With its natural and almost rustic feel, this cafe offers a calming atmosphere where you can sit back and enjoy some coffee and food at your own leisure.

The PEANUTS Cafe is made up of two floors, with the first floor being more colourful and playful. Here, neon signs and PEANUTS comic strips decorate the walls whilst the window seating area allows you to admire the beautiful Meguro river from a height. In comparison, the second floor is filled with antique toys as well as a ‘peanut collector’s hideout’. This is a slightly more intimate and vibrant area and provides the perfect background for Instagram photos.

There is even a private space which you can rent out and use for parties!

You can get your hands on a variety of Snoopy merchandise via the gift shop situated next to the dining area. These include T-Shirts, tote bags, tableware and more, all of which have special and exclusive designs on them which you cannot find anywhere else.


In terms of food offerings, there is a good choice of healthy foods including salads and pastas. For desserts, you can choose between the pancakes, churros, or a fruit cake. Each dish conveys the Snoopy theme more subtly and thus looks more trendy and minimalistic in comparison to dishes served at other character cafes, meaning this particular cafe is better suited to slightly older fans.

③ PEANUTS Cafe SUNNY SIDE Kitchen, Harajuku

If you thought that one Snoopy cafe in Tokyo was enough, there is actually another one located in Harajuku!

This branch is called PEANUTS Cafe SUNNY SIDE Kitchen and it has a slightly different feel to the one in Meguro as it is a bit more vibrant and cartoonish. Everything from the table settings to the art on the walls is covered with Snoopy and his friends. 

Interestingly, the concept of this branch is centered around the idea of starting a wonderful day with the PEANUTS gang whilst enjoying the refreshing sunshine, hence why this cafe has big windows to let the light in. 

Outside the cafe there is a green space with additional seating which can be enjoyed on a warm’s summer day. Make sure to also take a photo with one of the several adorable squishy Snoopy figures which you can find on the tables in addition to the replica of Snoopy’s famous red doghouse.

Another unique feature of this cafe is the ‘concept rooms’ which you can reserve and dine in. These concept rooms represent the different eras of the Snoopy cartoons and have their own charm. Since these are private dining areas, they do cost a bit more and you will need to book in advance on the website.

There is a solid selection of food and drinks to choose from including main dishes and desserts. For those wanting to try something sweet, the Snoopy and Charlie Brown shaped pancakes are highly recommended whilst the Spicy Chicken and Fried Egg Clubhouse Toast is good if you fancy something savory. Special drinks including a Popcorn Tea au Lait can also be found on the menu.

Next to the dining area, you will find the gift shop which is packed with exclusive PEANUTS Cafe merchandise. Here you can buy the Snoopy themed tableware used in the restaurant itself as well as other small goods such as posters, mugs, and snacks. The cool thing about this specific gift shop is that it has Snoopy goods from different eras. For example, you can get merchandise of the 1950s version of Snoopy, when he used to be drawn walking on four legs.

PEANUTS Cafe SUNNY SIDE Kitchen is a perfect place to grab brunch and catch up with friends on a sunny day!

④ Snoopy Town

Snoopy town is the ultimate haven for lovers of the world’s most famous beagle. Filled with an uncountable amount of products ranging from plushies to kitchen appliances, you will inevitably find something! It is the ideal place to pick up a gift for any Snoopy fans that you know.


There are a few different Snoopy towns, with the flagship store being located in Yokohama. The Snoopy Towns which are in central Tokyo can be found in Ikebukuro and Harajuku.


It is worth noting that at the different Snoopy Towns, you can buy different exclusive merchandise linked to the area. For example, in the flagship Yokohama store, you can get specially branded Yokohama Snoopy merchandise such as a sailor Snoopy plushie which cannot be bought anywhere else.

It is worth noting that at the different Snoopy Towns, you can buy different exclusive merchandise linked to the area. For example, in the flagship Yokohama store, you can get specially branded Yokohama Snoopy merchandise such as a sailor Snoopy plushie which cannot be bought anywhere else. You can also find other special collaboration merchandise at the Snoopy town stores including the current MLB and Snoopy range.

Which Snoopy themed attraction will you be heading to first?


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