Must-Have Summer Items 2023: DAISO Edition


Shopping for practical and essential items can get expensive quickly, especially if you are buying from one of the more luxury lifestyle brands. Luckily, Tokyo is filled with several discount stores, where you can buy a number of good quality products for a fraction of the price. One of the most popular types of discount stores is the 100 yen shop (100円ショップ).

There are a few different 100 yen shop chains which you can choose from including CanDo, Seria, and Lawson100. However, one of the most reputable and common chains is DAISO. It has become a worldwide sensation, with there being many branches outside of Japan as well. One of the reasons DAISO is so renowned is because it offers an impressive inventory of products, currently totalling at around 76,000. These include, but are not limited to, household, beauty and food products.

With such a vast amount of products being sold at DAISO, it can be hard to know what exactly to put in your shopping basket. To add to this, DAISO also offers seasonal products which are sold for a limited time. Unsurprisingly, at the moment a wide range of summer-themed products are being sold, including those designed to help you combat the intense Japanese summer heat.

Keep reading to see the top ten summer-themed products from DAISO which you should get your hands on. Note that not all the products on this list cost ¥110 but are still highly affordable, being priced less than ¥1000. 

① Mini USB Fans

A true summer essential, mini fans are a great way to cool yourself down on even the hottest and most humid days. When walking around the city, you will notice that so many people use one. Although you can buy such portable fans at other shops like Don Quijote for around ¥1000, at DAISO you can get one for just ¥770.

There are a few types to choose from with the handheld fan with a hook, mini fan with a clip stand, and handheld fan with a regular stand, all costing the same price. If you are looking for something even cheaper, then there is a plastic USB-powered fan which costs only ¥330. Other notable features include a USB charger and a maximum use time of around 5 hours, when on a low setting. Three main colours are available including black, white, and pink. 

② Washable 3D Cool Mask

Although the days of having to constantly wear a mask are behind us, you may still feel more comfortable wearing one when out and about. Wearing a mask during the hot summer can be a little difficult, since it is harder to let cool air in. That’s where this 3D cool mask comes in. With its cold touch and UV cut effect, this 3D shaped mask is not only more breathable but a lot more sturdy than other masks. It is also washable meaning that it can be reused and is sustainable.

There is a limited choice in terms of designs and sizes, with there being a basic grey coloured one for adults and a blue polar bear patterned one for children.

③ Cooling Body Sheets

Cooling body wipes, such as the ones shown above, are a must-have summer product. You can just throw them into your bag and use them on your body to give it a lasting cooling sensation. Some of them even come scented, meaning they can also be used to get rid of odors.

DAISO has a wide selection of cooling body wipes, all from different brands. Which one you choose depends on what you are looking for as some claim to feel like they cool you off by a certain number of degrees or have a certain fragrance to them.

④ Cooling Products for Sleeping

The unbearably hot weather can make it harder to get a good night’s sleep. That’s why special products have been designed to solve this problem and cool your body down whilst you sleep. You will find a few cooling products for sleeping with the cheapest ones being a cooling pillow pad and a cooling blanket for ¥330. If you want something a bit bigger which you can spread across your bed, then consider opting for the cooling nap mat which is ¥550.

Using one of these items will help absorb the heat from your body while you sleep, with the pillow pads also working to absorb moisture and prevent odour.

There are a few designs to choose from including a yellow lemon print, a blue polar bear print, and a basic striped pattern which comes in both blue and beige.

⑤ Sun Blocking Arm Covers

For those who are conscious about protecting your skin from the sun and its harmful rays, you may want to consider purchasing some sun blocking arm covers. These are not only designed to give you 86% UV protection but have a cooling feeling too which makes them ideal for when you feel your body heating up. 

There is a good selection of designs and lengths, with there being ones which are 24 cm, 38cm and 48 cm in length. The designs include those with a simple polka dot, stripes, and basic colour such as black or grey.

⑥ Portable Ice Packs

Grab a couple of these adorable summer-themed ice packs to help keep your food cold. These small and portable ice packs can just simply be placed on top of a bento box or drink and then put in the freezer again afterwards.

You can even use them on your body to cool yourself down and reduce inflammation. We recommend picking up a few of these as they are very useful and only cost ¥110.

⑦ Popsicle Maker

On a hot day, there is nothing better than having a refreshing ice lolly. Although you can buy one from the local convenience store, it is also fun to make your own. With these Disney themed popsicle makers you can make your own, simply by pouring the juice into the silicone base and freezing it.

There is a choice of a Mickey, Minnie, Sulley (from Monsters, Inc.), or Winnie the Pooh silicone mold. They are also easy to clean, meaning that you can constantly make new lollies and experiment with different flavors. A product which can be appreciated by both children and Disney fans.

⑧ Lock Jugs

Hydration is key during the summer. However, many of us often forget to drink enough water to regulate our body temperature. Purchasing a large jug, like the ones seen above, is a good way to remember to stay hydrated as you can fill it up at the beginning of the day with water or cold tea and keep it in the fridge or close to you.

DAISO offers a variety of plastic jugs in different sizes and with different designs. Some of the notable designs include a 1.6L jug which can be placed horizontally without leaking, a 1L jug in the shape of a milk carton, and some adorable Toy Story and Mickey Mouse themed ones. 

⑨ Cooling Bags

Cooling bags are another summer essential, especially if you are planning to go on days out where you bring food with you. At DAISO, you can find aluminium cooling bags of all sizes and which are specifically designed for certain things. The majority of these aluminium cooling bags cost ¥110, making them a real bargain.  

You can find a cooling bag especially designed to carry cans or one which is slightly bigger and can carry a few different sized bento boxes. Simple and practical, these cooling bags will help protect your food and drinks from leaking as well as keep them at a good temperature so that they can be enjoyed at whatever point throughout the day.

⑩ Cooling Products for Pets

If you are a pet owner, you may want to purchase some cooling products for them as well. The Gel Pet Scarf is ideal for when you want to take your pet out on a hot summer’s day and cool them down. They are also easy to attach and come in a few different sizes meaning that they can be used on both smaller and larger cats and dogs.

Some Other Things to Note

  • DAISO accepts cash, card and other forms of electronic payment 
  • Although things are labeled ¥100, another ¥10 is added on as consumption tax
  • Some of the bigger DAISO stores are located in Harajuku, Ikebukuro and Ginza
  • You can access DAISO’s website here: 

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