The Best Basque Cheesecake in Shin-Okubo at Guf


Having only just opened the end of last year, the tag ‘Gufカフェ’ has already amassed an impressive 530.1M views on Tiktok, proving how this cafe has quickly become a viral sensation and a must-visit cafe.

Located an easy 4-minute walk from Shin-Okubo station, this cafe is located in one of the many side streets and can be found in its own little building, on the second floor.

Now let’s see what has made this cafe so popular, especially with Gen Z!

The Concept

Guf (カフェ) prides calls itself a ‘characteristic cafe’, and this is very much the case. As soon as you step foot inside, you’ll instantly see how it stands out from any other cafe in Tokyo.

The white tiles make the cafe feel airy and cool. Bright and natural light comes in from the giant windows at the front, providing the perfect lighting for all your photos. Minimalistic and branded posters decorated on the walls not only add a pop of color but help to give the space a more contemporary and stylish feel. Krnb plays softly in the background to create a chill and relaxing atmosphere. You really do feel as though you are in sitting somewhere in Seoul. 

The cafe’s centerpiece is of course the large dining table which is filled with water and stones. Lamps are also placed on the table to add dimension and provide a good backdrop for the photos which you will want to take of the food. 

The Star of the Show: the Signature Basque Cheesecake

The menu at Guf (カフェ) consists of a range of hot and cold drinks including coffee, tea, and lemonade, in addition to three types of the signature Basque cheesecake. The three types are plain, matcha, and chocolate, all freshly made on the day.

Unfortunately, you can’t just have a slice of cheesecake or a drink, the menu makes it super clear that you have to order both. This means that in visiting this cafe, you are going to have to spend over ¥1000. Yet, the Basque cheesecake itself makes this price justifiably. It tastes so smooth and silky – it literally melts in your mouth! The size of the slice itself will leave you feeling full and satisfied as well. 

Moreover, your cake and drink set comes beautifully presented on a stone slab. The drink is poured into an aesthetically-branded ‘GUF’ cup, which sadly they don’t sell.

Once your dessert arrives, you will just want to take an endless amount of photos. Yet, the only thing is it is quite hard to move the slab once it’s been placed given the water.  Also, when it is busy, it can be kind of difficult to take a photo of your food and the table without getting people in the background.

Final Thoughts?

Noticeably, the service here is quite fast-paced, meaning that although your order arrives pretty quickly, you can’t hang around too long after you have finished eating since there is normally a queue of people waiting outside. It’s definitely the type of cafe where you can come and catch up with a friend or two rather than somewhere you can spend the whole afternoon.

On that note, there is also only a limited number of seats meaning that if you are planning to visit on a weekend, you will most likely need to wait outside since it gets so busy. When a space becomes available, one of the staff members will call you in and ask you to place your order straightaway at the counter before being seated.

For those concerned about the hygiene of the water, you don’t need to worry! After each customer has finished eating, the staff takes time to clean the area before inviting the next guest over to sit down. There is even a basket underneath to put your bag in so your stuff doesn’t accidentally get wet from the water on the table.  

All in all, if you need to be persuaded a little more then, trust us in the fact the cheesecake itself makes the whole trip worth it as well as the unique concept which can not be seen anywhere else in Tokyo. If you want a glimpse into what current cafe culture in Seoul, then Guf (カフェ) is the place for you.


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