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Location of Accomodation for airport pickup package

新宿区 Shinjuku Area

Shin-okubo, Higashi-shijuku, Shinjuku-sanchome

澀谷區 Shibuya Area

Shibuya Station, Dogenzaka

墨田區 Sumida Area

Oshiage・Tokyo Skytree

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  • Oneway pickup service from Haneda/Narita airport to the accomodation 
  • 15 nights of stay in the accomodation of your choice

Our licensed transportation service partner will pick you up at Haneda/Narita Airport and send you straight to the accommodation where you will spend the next 15 nights in self-quarantine, in compliance with the Japanese entry regulation. 

  • For your safety, we pick up only ONE group of guest per service (maximum 2 adults). 
  • We only offer certifed hotel, vocational rental (minpaku) and apartment, strictly adhering to the COVID-19 protocols. 
  • You can freely choose from
    • Plans: Minimalist, Comfort and Delux
    • Areas: Shinjuku, Shibuya, Chiyoda (Otemachi),  Tait o(Asakusa, Ueno), Sumida(Oshiage, Tokyo Skytree), Arakawa (Nippori). 

From Haneda Airport (tax included)

  • Minimalist ¥85,000
  • Comfort ¥105,000
  • Delux ¥125,000

From Haneda Airport (tax included)

  • Minimalist ¥95,000
  • Comfort ¥115,000
  • Delux ¥135,000
  • Price above is the Solo price. We charge an extra ¥20,000 JPY for adding the second guest (adult) and ¥10,000 JPY for child (under 12) to any plan.
  • After receiving your inquiry, we will provide room availability info within 24 hours. Online payment comes after your confirmation. 

Although the Japanese authority does not impose severe penalty on breaching the self-quarantine rule, it is requested that all entrants avoid taking public transportation, stay in an independent accommodation for 14 days (15 nights) and go out only when absolutely necessary, for example, to buy essential food supply to sustain living. You also have the responsibility to report your exact location to the authority. To minimize contact, we recommend using food delivery (Ubereat) and online retail service ( , Rakuten).

Upon arrival in Japan, you are NOT allowed to take public transportation within 14 days (note that the arrival day is counted as day zero).  Don’t worry, our fully licensed transportation service partner will pick you up from the meeting point at the airport and send you straight to the accomodation.

  • After receiving the inquiry, we will send room availability info via email within 24 hours. You will only be asked to fulfill the online payment (credit/debit card) after confirmation.
  • After the payment is completed, if you PCR test result turn out to be positive at the airport and consequently banned from entry, we will give you a full refund.
  • We do NOT accept any other reason for cancellation except for a positive PCR result, so please book only when you have valid residency visa and have booked the flight.
  • However, if your flight was cancelled or you need reschedule the trip, please contact us as soon as possible, we will do our best to rearrange the booking for you.

The standard plan included only oneway pickup service from the airport to the accomodation; however, if you need an extra ride returning to Haneda or Narita airport, we are happy to assist you!

  • From the accomodation to Haneda Aiport  ¥12,000 /vehicle
  • From the accomodation to Narita Aiport   ¥24,000 /vehicle
  • Every vehicle can take 1 – 3 guests, maximum 6 luggages, departing from the same location and at the same time.  
  • How to book ?
    • Prebooking  – when you fill out the inquiry form, select options under “optional pickup service”
    • Contact us at least one day prior to your departure so we can arrange the service for you. 

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