Niku no Hanamasa: Can’t Find Specific Types of Meat in Your Supermarket? Check Out the Niku Supermarket!


     Welcome back to our ongoing tour of the pros and cons of various restaurants! Last time, we took a look at Gyomu Supa, the titan of budget grocery shopping. This week, we’ll be taking a look at its close competitor, Niku no Hanamasa (肉のハナマサ). Though similar at a glance, these chains boast different strengths, and today we’ll be looking at Hanamasa to see just what makes it so special.

1. Selection

     Niku no Hanamasa’s selection of goods is absolutely nothing to be sneezed at. One of its major advantages over Gyomu is its stock of fresh fruits and vegetables. At competitive prices, Hanamasa is an excellent place to buy your produce. 

     As another wholesale, you can buy decent quantities of whatever you may need, and many of their stores stock both fresh and preserved produce, allowing you to choose whichever best suits your needs and your budget.

     Additionally, they have a wide range of snack foods, curry blocks, and other various fixings for various styles of cuisine. In terms of sheer variety of options, Hanamasa is likely superior even to Gyomu. Depending on the location, you may also be able to find party supplies, such as plastic/paper cups, plates, and utensils.

2. Price

     As with Gyomu, one of the first things you’ll notice about Hanamasa is its super-cheap prices. As a wholesale grocer, you can buy a lot of things in bulk at Hanamasa, and with quantity comes discounts! 

     Additionally, especially with their meats, Hanamasa has regular sales, often in the vicinity of 10% off, making them a great stop for the budget shopper. While products present at both tend to be cheaper at Gyomu, Hanamasa is still leagues cheaper than most of the rest of the competition.

3. The Meats

     If Gyomu’s thing is frozen foods and microwavable meals, then Hanamasa’s thing is definitely its meat. Frozen and refrigerated both, the aptly named Niku no Hanamasa has all varieties of meat: pork, beef, chicken, and everything between. 

     You can even find your more niche proteins, such as chicken feet. Different varieties and cuts abound, so you can find whatever meat best suits your cooking needs, including frozen hamburgers and other pre-prepared goods.

4. The Negatives

     Unfortunately, the biggest negative to Niku no Hanamasa is its relative lack of locations; there just aren’t very many locations throughout Tokyo, making whether or not you can shop there a matter of luck more often than not.

     Additionally, as I said before, when the same thing is present at both Hanamasa and Gyomu, it’s generally going to be a few yen cheaper at Gyomu. However, beyond that, Niku no Hanamasa is a safe choice for your shopping needs. 

     To wrap things up, Niku no Hanamasa is always a wise decision when you need to shop for cooking. Alone or in combinations with Gyomu or another supermarket, you really can’t go wrong within its walls. If you’re looking for something cheap or a little more nuanced, you can be sure that Niku no Hanamasa will be your friend, indeed.

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