Gyomu Supa: Best Low-Cost Grocery Shopping Supermarket in Japan


     For anyone looking for low-cost shopping, Gyomu Supa is undoubtedly the place to be; with low-cost products, this wholesale chain is one of the best grocery shopping destinations in all of Japan. Today, we’re going to take a closer look inside its walls and talk about what sets this supermarket so far apart from the competition.

1. Selection

     One of the first things you’ll notice when you walk in is just how wide a variety of products that Gyomu offers. Even at the smaller stores, you’ll be able to supply your kitchen with almost anything you need, including frozen foods, spices, sauces, and even drinks. 

     Really, the only type of thing you can’t get at a Gyomu is fresh veggies, but the sheer amount of other products makes up for that downfall. Even if there aren’t fresh veggies, you can also buy frozen ones, which can be useful for aspiring home cooks without much time or experience in the kitchen. 

     You can also get a wide variety of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, making Gyomu a very convenient one-stop-shop when stocking for guests. Additionally, Gyomu stores generally have a variety of ingredients for international cuisines, meaning shoppers can find what they need for a wide variety of tastes.

2. Price

     If the selection is the first thing you notice, then the prices at Gyomu will undoubtedly be the second. Gyomu is, by and large, the cheapest chain in Tokyo at which to shop for groceries. 

     The savings for individual items can be in the single to double digits of yen when compared to other supermarket chains, and those small deals add up fast!. Especially with drinks (again, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), the savings are real, making Gyomu the place to go when you’re running on a tight budget.

3 Frozen Foods

     Frozen foods are Gyomu’s bread and butter. Almost every Gyomu location has multiple long aisles of freezers full of products; these run the gamut from frozen ingredients (such as veggies and imitation crab) to full on frozen meals that only need to be heated before serving.

     While the quality of these frozen foods doesn’t really compare to that which is freshly made, some might argue that the price point and convenience makes the trade-off worth it.

4. The Negatives

     As stated before, you can not generally get fresh ingredients from Gyomu supermarkets. For those wishing to cook healthier meals, this can be a bit of a dealbreaker, as frozen ingredients tend to be lacking a bit in that department. Additionally, the quality of some items might not be up to the standard of equivalents you might find at other supermarkets; even if Gyomu offers the same brand for less money, some of the Gyomu-exclusive items can be somewhat mediocre, such as the frozen karaage.

     In conclusion, Gyomu is the ideal spot to go if you’re looking to cook on a budget; additionally, for those looking to stock a kitchen after moving or taking up cooking for the first time, Gyomu can be an excellent place to find the essentials.

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