[Updated] Traveling to Japan During Covid-19 Pandemic : Restrictions, Requirements, PCR Test & Quarantine Rule


Japan travel and visa information 2021

Updated on 2021 / 09 / 08

Travel restriction to Japan is effective at least until the end of September, 2021, following the extension of the state of emergency. Without special circumstances, only Japanese citizens and foreigners who hold valid residency visa and re-entry permit are allowed to enter Japan. Note that foreign travelers who previously applied for  Business Track or Residential Track are also suspended from entering Japan.

To enter Japan smoothly during the coronavirus pandemic, make sure you check the points below and the latest update on Japan’s International travel regulation

1.  Certificate of negative PCR test result – Everyone planning to enter Japan is required to take a COVID-19 PCR test 72 hours prior to departure and submit a certificate showing PCR negative test result in either the prescribed format (recommended) OR other acceptable format at the airport. Certificate of PCR test Japan format

2.Submit Coronavirus QuestionnaireBefore departure, please submit Coronavirus Questionnaire online. You need to screenshot the QR code after completing the survey, which you will use it for scanning when entering Japan.

3.Written Pledge – The written pledge asks you provide contact information and ask for your cooperation for COVID-19 related regulation. This form will be given to you during your flight, so it is not necessary to print it out. However, if you wish to read through the content, download from here.

4.Smart phone – You need to have a smart phone (Android or iOS) that allows you to update the latest APP and a valid contact phone number. If you don’t have a contact number that is valid in Japan, you must buy a SIM card with internet at the airport. To save time, we highly recommend you to download and install all the required APPs below before arrival. 

5.Required App – You need to download 4 apps , turn on the APP notificatio, allow the APP to track your position, allow the App to access your mic and camera, register and login into your APP account ( Note: You can only login into OEL and COCOA after arriving in Japan. Caution: please use the same email and contact information to register all APPs to avoid problem.

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Download the set up instruction for apps 

  • Google Map Mobile App
    Function : track your location (download  iOS、  Android )
    After download and login into your account, allow the APP to track your location.
  • “My SOS” APP
    Function: Video/voice talk (download iOS Android

Japanese Government official will keep in touch with you through “My SOS”. Please download this app to your phone and register an account (use the same email as everything else).

My SOS APP download link

  • OEL (Overseas Entrants Locator APP)
    Function:track and report your location (download iOSAndroid

Download the APP to your phone first, turn on APP notification, but you won’t be able to login after arriving in Japan.

  • COCOA (COVID-19 Contact-Confirming APP)
    Function:contact notification (download iOSAndroid
    Login after arrival in Japan, need to turn on bluetooth while use.

PCR test upon arrival – Upon arrival, all travelers need to take PCR test at the airport, which might take 40- 90 minutes  from lining up to getting your test result . If your PCR result is negative, you will proceed to immigration examination and if you pass, you can claim your luggage and take reserved transportation service to your declared accomodation of self-quarantine. On average, it takes 1-2 hours to go through all procedure at the airport.

During the 14-day (15-night) self-quarantine period, you must…


    • Avoid taking public transportation you should take reserved transportation service and avoid mixing with other people.
    • Stay at an independent accommodation (private apartment, hotel, serviced apartment…are allowed, as long as you do not share public facility such as bathroom and toilet with others) and avoid going out
      • Please note that although the quarantine regulation of Japan does not strictly forbid you to go out from your self-quarantine accommodation, this is to be kept to a minimum and only when necessary (eg. buy essential food supply). 
      • Keep in touch with government official and report location  thorugh the required APP.  The restriction ends officially in the midnight on the 14th day of your self-quarantine. Note that the day of your arrival is counted as day zero, which means that you need to secure 15 nights of accommodation since the day of arrival.

Special quarantine requirement  (as effective in 2021.06)

  • If you have stayed in the listed 33 countries such as Brazil, South Africa, UAE, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, and some states in the United States… (click here to see the full list) countries that are affected by COVID variant 14 days prior to departure (flight transfer is not counted), you are required to stay at a Japanese designated hotel for 3~10 days (Japanese government will cover all the living fee). Depends on which country you have stayed, different countries have different regulations. On the 3re/6th/10th day you will be scheduled for a PCR test. If the test is negative, you can transfer to quarantine accommodation or your home for 14 day of self-quarantine (no public transportation is allowed).
  • Before applying to our package, please check the latest notice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and your local consulate. If you have any questions regarding entry to Japan or our plan, please contact us.

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